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There are several elements that can impact the condition of your vehicle, but one we often neglect is the sun. Over time, the heat and UV rays from the sun can cause fading and discoloration of the paint, making it quite unsightly. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was sunscreen you could put on your car to protect it from harmful UV rays? The good news is—there is!

Our Goal Is to Protect
At Gtechniq, we take protecting vehicles pretty seriously. It’s our desire that the paint on your vehicle will last as long as possible. Unfortunately, with as much sunlight as our vehicles are exposed to, that can be a struggle. That’s why we have engineered innovative products that provide UV protection for your car’s paint!

C2 Liquid Crystal
One product we highly recommend for the ultimate protection of auto paint is C2 Liquid Crystal. This product will help you maintain the beautiful color and vibrant shine of your paint, keeping your car looking like new. It works great for RVs, boats, bicycles, and even planes, too! It offers UV protection and works to maintain the shine and overall cleanliness of the paint for up to six months.

Easy Coat
Another quick and easy application for your automobile is Easy Coat. This coating is safe for paint and can protect it for up to three months at a time. This product blocks UV rays and offers protection from wash chemicals and weathering. Easy Coat also works to repel dust and dirt particles. The dirt, mud, dust, and other debris that are naturally occurring outdoors will no longer adhere to your car. This non-hazardous product offers excellent benefits, and each bottle can treat a medium-size vehicle twice.

If you’re looking for excellent quality and affordable products to help protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays, let our team at Gtechniq help. We’re passionate about protecting your vehicles! To view our full line of innovative products, shop Gtechniq now!

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