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We are well into Spring – the period of the ‘deep clean’. Spring cleaning, believe it or not originates from an old-aged custom that stems from religious and cultural traditions. And according to some, the spring clean is linked to our biology.

Jewish customs dictate cleaning at this time of year as part of Passover, Christians (Catholics) clean the church altar prior to Good Friday, and members of the Greek Orthodox Church clean the house the week leading up to Lent.

Once the days start getting longer and we are energised by the sunlight, it is natural as humans to feel we are waking up out of a lethargic state and often step-to with the cleaning. Back in the 1800’s when most homes had open fireplaces – the sunnier warmer days were the ideal time to start clearing all the soot from the walls. Times have changed and spring cleaning simply would not be complete without cleaning the car – for some reason we have to do the whole lot – car, garage and home to feel complete – why not?

We asked a few Accredited Detailers what their top tip would be when cleaning a car for spring:



Dan Stickland, UAS Car Care, Llanelli, Wales. UK, says: “Spring means spring clean – so fully decontaminating your car after winter. I would recommend using W7 Tar and Glue Remover and W6 Iron and General Fallout and a clay bar. Don’t forget to finish off after cleaning with a spray of C2 – this will keep it slick.”


Emma Barrett, Details, Details, Leigh-on-Sea, UK, says: “Decontamination is key, people underestimate it, use all of the Gtechniq cleaning products you can (depending on what surface it is) inside and out. Once you have decontaminated the car your coating will be performing as good as new. If it hasn’t been protected already then consider getting it coated with one of Gtechniq’s ceramic coatings for pure ease of cleaning in the future.”


Mehrdad Zarifkar, Aviana Aircraft Detailing, Mount Vernon, USA, says: “I2 TriClean is the answer, wipe down leather and vinyl surfaces to remove built-up grime and oils while sanitising surfaces.”


Erwan Gouriou, GT-Restauration and Detailing, Freyming-Merlebach, France says: “Try using C2 Liquid Crystal as a drying aid after cleaning the car, it will make drying streak-free and faster, giving your car a hydrophobic protection for months at the same time.”

Riido Kolosov, Bada Bling, Estonia, says: “My top tip would be that “spring cleaning” is entirely wrong as a concept. One of the most important aspects of maintenance is consistency and regularity. The season or time of year is irrelevant.”


Buck Hogoboom, Bucks Lgd Pro Detail, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, says: “I’m finding W9 Water Spot Remover to be a pretty legit ‘surface prep’ after the winter in Wisconsin. Try using it while drying your car after washing, then use C2 Liquid Crystal to finish off. I’m liking the results.”


For those of you looking for information on the full decontamination process refer to the Gtechniq wash guide.

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