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This highly anticipated line delivers a huge leap forward in marine surface care, offering advanced chemistry that delivers durable, long-lasting gloss and protection. The new line of products will leave surfaces well protected and as a result offer considerable savings in ongoing maintenance.

Rob Earle, Gtechniq Managing Director says:” “This product line is the culmination of years of research and field trials of a multitude of novel formulas designed to protect boat surfaces, inside and out. Gel coat and marine topcoats present unique challenges such as UV degradation and surface staining. The increased humidity of marine environments present a far greater challenge for fabric coatings to prevent mould, mildew and rotting.

The Gtechniq marine line comprises of 20 completely new products which address these and a host of other marine specific issues such as salt spots on exterior glass, producing blemish-free gloss on metals and safely removing water spots. I am extremely proud of the line and I am certain that they will be welcomed by boat owners who want a super-effective way of keeping their boats in as new condition.”

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