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Washing your bike may sound odd to some, but for the avid biker, this is nonnegotiable. Your bike, like any other vehicle, requires proper cleaning and care to maintain its appearance and performance, as well as maximize its lifespan.

Bring on the Suds!
When washing your bike, you want to make sure you’re using a soap that not only foams nicely but can break up and remove all of that built-up dirt and grime that has taken up residence on your bike’s frame. Gtechniq’s Bike Wash is a high-foaming formula that delivers an exceptionally strong clean. And it’s biodegradable! That means there are no caustic elements that will harm or irritate the environment or your bike!

Say Goodbye to Grease and Oil
Just as important as cleaning the frame of your ride, it is equally important to ensure the chain, cassettes, and derailleurs are also degreased and in proper working order. With time, the chain on your bike can become infested with sticky, gummy deposits. These deposits can cause real issues with your bike’s ability to shift properly and can lead to your chain slipping off, a frustrating problem. Gtechniq’s Drivetrain Degreaser works fast to break down grease build-up on your chain without degrading any of your bike’s components.

Choosing the Right Products
When battling the constant build-up of dirt, grime, and grease on your bike, it is important to have a qualified arsenal at your side and in your cleaning bucket. That is why, at Gtechniq, we supply a wide range of products to help get your bike clean and keep it that way. From washes and degreasers to mitts and towels, we’ve got your back.

Contact us today, and let us help you put the spark back into your bike!

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