Bike Wash


Quick Overview
  • Supreme dirt removal
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • pH neutral
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Product Description

Why use Gtechniq Bike Wash?

Bike Wash is a biodegradable formulation containing high foaming, premium surfactants. These surfactants have been balanced to break the bond between the dirt film and your bike, delivering exceptionally strong cleaning power. Bike Wash lubricates dirt, minimising abrasion and maximising gloss retention. This highly concentrated formula contains no caustic elements or thickeners.

Application Information

Simple steps to help you get the best results

  • Shake well before use, wear gloves and use out of direct sunlight.
  • Add 2 capfuls of product into an empty 20 litre bucket
  • Fill bucket with warm water
  • Using a Gtechniq Wash Mitt wash entire bike
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a Gtechniq Bike Towel.
  • Store bottle in a cool, dry place.

Safety Data Sheets

  • Take a look at the Safety Data Sheet for Bike Wash

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