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Gtechniq ceramic coatings help prevent swirl marks from washing. But we are often asked the question as a formulator, is it safe to wash my car once a week when my car is protected? The answer is no, you shouldn’t have to. With a Gtechniq ceramic coating such as Crystal Serum Ultra or Crystal Serum Light, with EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating over the top, your car really shouldn’t need washing more than once a month.

Manager of Gtechniq Works – Gtechniq’s Centre of Excellence, based at our Headquarters, Northampton, UK, said: “While Gtechniq coatings do prevent swirling and premature dulling, they are only a micron thick and the more you wash the more likely you are to introduce light marring, especially on softer paints. On top of that, with our ceramic protection your car simply won’t get as dirty – so you won’t need to wash it as often.”

Ceramic coatings make your car much easier to maintain as they are hydrophobic. Imagine your car now has the same protection as a lotus leaf – the ‘lotus leaf effect’. As water and contaminants hit the surface of your car they are projected away, therefore your car is much less likely to be as dirty. And when it is dirty, contamination is not ‘stuck’ to the surface, but will simply come away with a rinse in most cases.

The coatings on their own do have hydrophobic properties, but over coating them with EXO gives the ultimate protection from contamination. EXO has a water contact angle of 110 degrees making it the best last surface protection product for any vehicle.

Washing your car every 4-6 weeks when it has been coated with Gtechniq is the best option. For more information on how to maintain your car read our comprehensive wash guide.

If you haven’t had your car protected yet and want to give it the best chance on the road then take a look at our service estimator. We have a team of Accredited Detailers across the globe who are authorised to use our products along and award our manufacturers guarantee.

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