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A leading car care manufacturer today (7 May 2014) launched an aftermarket coating, set to revolutionise the world of paint protection.

Gtechniq, the creators of nano-based, high performance car coatings, have launched a composite ceramic ‘super’ coating called Crystal Serum.

Like no other product, Gtechniq’s serum provides a paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, scratch prevention and chemical resistance.

Robert Earle, Gtechniq’s managing director, said: “After years of product development, rigorous lab and real-world testing, we have created a revolutionary product and are blown away by its performance.

“Crystal Serum’s twin layer structure offers the ultimate ceramic protection giving the same slick finish as a carnauba wax, but significantly longer-lasting performance – it certainly outperforms anything currently on the market. Crystal Serum provides your car with a defensive skin which carries a five-year guarantee.”

Crystal Serum is ideal for those who like to keep their car clean and shiny. Tests prove its hard top coat and more flexible base layer, actively reduces wash swirls, retaining a cars new look. According to research, men are far more concerned with their car’s outward appearance than women, with a quarter (26 per cent) washing it once a fortnight.

In the short term coating your car with Crystal Serum means lower maintenance – its dirt repellent properties mean the car will need cleaning less often. Laboratory examinations demonstrate the serum’s resistance to chemicals ph2 to ph13.5. This means when you do clean your car, even the harshest of chemicals, such as household bleach, will struggle to dull its finish. And on top of that, contaminants such as bird droppings are easy to remove and will not harm your car’s clear coat. In the long term it is protecting your asset.

Nick White of SL Restoration said: ‘When you invest a large amount of money in a car, you are bound to want retain its showroom condition.

“People frequently underestimate the impact that paintwork condition has on the value of their car – this can be as much as five per cent. Crystal Serum will protect your investment.”

Gtechniq’s commitment to smart, surface science has produced a product that is durable and can withstand even the toughest of weather conditions – it performs the same at minus 40 degrees as it does 240 degrees.

Crystal Serum can be applied to a car as a stand-alone product, or for the definitive hydrophobic finish, it can be over coated with Gtechniq EXO or C2.

As Crystal Serum is not for the faint hearted, it should only be applied to a car by a trained Gtechniq technician. To find your nearest Gtechniq Accredited Detailer visit

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