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A recent video filmed with a top Formula One™ racing team has revealed, the UK’s leading manufacture of paint protection is helping them to increase lap time gain.

F1 race team, Sahara Force India said that C0 Aerocoat from official suppliers Gtechniq, helps enhance aerodynamics and gives them a competitive edge on the race track.

Bruce Eddington Head of Composites at Sahara Force India, said: “If we didn’t use Gtechniq C0 Aerocoat on the car we would still go round and round on the track. However, Sahara Force India believes there is some lap time gain to be found using the product and keeping the aerodynamics as stable as possible.”

C0 Aerocoat has been scientifically designed to prevent discarded rubber from a cars’ tyres sticking on to the wings, an occurrence which would disrupt the carefully studied aero flow and negatively affect the overall aerodynamic efficiency of a racing car. By coating the wings of each car with Aerocoat and preventing debris from sticking, the team can maintain the surface quality of the car.

In the video Bruce adds: “We choose to apply Gtechniq C0 Aerocoat to our cars because it provides a consistent surface for the air to flow over. It stops debris stick to it, but fundamentally allows our cars to continue without fear of lap time loss.”

Since 2014 Gtechniq has been an official supplier of the Sahara Force India Team and still no other product is able to provide the team with a better surface consistency.

Force India Head of Composites, Bruce Eddington, said: “We benchmarked over 20 products from various markets around the world, UK, Europe, Asia and America, and out of all those tests found Aerocoat gave us the most consistent surface and potential for lap time gain throughout the race.”

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