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Gtechniq is growing fast globally and recently, as part of this expansion, you can now purchase products in Euros.

Catherine Berry, financial controller for Gtechniq, said: “With a vast amount of online orders now coming through our website from countries within the European Union, it is important we give customers easier access to the brand.”

Already available in over 32 countries across the globe, makes the brand accessible to the whole world, with fast international shipping at the lowest possible rates.

Rob Earle, Gtechniq managing director, said: “We do not use our website to beat prices of our resellers, but simply to make the best detailing products accessible to all.

“After taking the brands American distribution back under our wing, and offering a US dollar payment option, the incremental growth within the European Union also warranted access to a localised currency.”

Customers can visit our website and view pricing in both Pounds Sterling and Euros.

Simply select the currency in the dropdown menu on the toolbar, and the prices will be displayed.

For all order related issues please email

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