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Hose-on Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq the company behind products such as Crystal Serum Light and Exo Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating, is releasing their new hose on ceramic coating Easy Coat, for sale on-line and through all good independent stockists now.

When applied to any painted or glass surface, Easy Coat provides excellent durability and protection from UV rays, wash chemicals and weathering. Easy Coat has incredibly strong dirt resistance properties and effectively repels any dirt or dust from the surface. The product is extremely versatile and can be applied to cool or hot surfaces. Easy Coat is non-hazardous, solvent-free and provides in excess of 3 months durability. Each 500ml bottle contains enough product to coat two medium sizes vehicles.

Rob Earle, Managing Director of Gtechniq said, “This product has had one of the longest development periods in our company’s history. The formulation and chemistry are ground-breaking and we are excited to be able to bring such a truly unique and innovative product to the market. Real-world testing has shown durability to be as much as 3 months, which for this type of product is astounding!”

The Easy Coat Kit contains one bottle 500ml bottle of Easy Coat, dispenser, hose connector and retails for £15.95. The 500ml Easy Coat refill retails for £11.95, which means there has never been a better time to apply ceramic protection to your vehicle.

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