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How to Keep Your Car Looking Great

Do you worry about using the right cleaning products for your car? Maintaining the outside appearance of your vehicle is just as important as changing the oil or rotating your tires. At GTECHNIQ, we know that keeping your car looking great is an essential part of protecting your investment. That is why we created our car cleaning kits and ceramic car coating for paint protection.

Why The Products in Your Car Cleaning Kit Matter

The car cleaning kit that you use is essential to paint protection, maintaining a vibrant shine, and extending the life of your paint job. Dirt, debris, UV rays, road chemicals, and even water can eat away at your car’s surface and destroy the paint job. While this may seem like a simple cosmetic issue, protecting your investment with quality automotive cleaning products, like ceramic car coating, will maintain its value well into the future.

Many car cleaning kits today only touch the surface of cleaning power. At Gtechniq, we use revolutionary technology to engineer and manufacture cleaning and sealing products that extend below the surface and bind to the smallest molecules of your vehicle’s paint. Our hydrophobic coating technology repels water, dirt, tar, and other debris to keep the surface smooth and free from damage.

Caring for Your Car’s Exterior

Our ceramic car coatings and sealants are an investment worth making that keeps your car looking great. Ceramic GWash, EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating, and other sealants are easy to apply. These paint protection products add a glossy or satin finish as they repel water, dirt, and debris from your car’s surface.

Our products are easy to apply and leave your car looking like new, including the interior of your vehicle. Products like the I2 Tri-Clean are safe for every surface and help remove stains from your vehicle’s interior. Whether you’re looking for a spot remover, exterior cleaner, or ceramic car coating, we have everything you need to keep your car looking its best.

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