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Old Technologies Versus New

Wax and Ceramic Sealants are often confused and have similar purposes. While your traditional wax is applied Mr. Myagi style over 30 minutes to an hour, a Ceramic Sealant is applied around an entire car with one rag and 10 minutes of your time! The surface bonding of a Ceramic Sealant is semi-permanent to the top layer of your clear coat creating a covalent bond to the surface. The traditional wax sits on top of your clear coat and wears off over the 3-month period. Therefore, wax tends to attract bugs to the exterior surface of your vehicle.


Hydrophobics are important when washing because it shows the protection and contact angle of the product you’re using! Both waxes and Ceramic Sealants are hydrophobic however Ceramic Sealants provide better beading due to their contact angle. A better contact angle is created with a covalent semi-permanent bond to the surface.

What should you buy?

Each product has a different purpose however a Ceramic Sealant is going to last longer, provide better protection, and take significantly less time to apply. With 6-8 months of protection, Ceramic Sealant is a clear choice! You can grab your bottle of Ceramic Sealant below!

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