Fabric Interior Care Kit
Fabric Interior Care Kit

Fabric Interior Care Kit



Fabric interiors are highly susceptible to staining from spillages that occur during every day use, especially where children are concerned. This kit contains all the items needed to keep the interior of your vehicle clean and protected from stains from coffee to a fruit shoot. Buying the kit offers an 11% saving when compared to purchasing the items individually.

Storage and use
  • Dilute W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate 7:1 for use on fabrics. Higher concentrations can be used to tackle stubborn spot stains. Always test on an inconspicuous area first
  • Once fabric is thoroughly dry spray I1 Smart Fabric liberally to ensure maximum protection
  • C6 Matte Dash perfects dashboards, door cards and trim leaving a natural satin sheen without any sticky, dirt-attracting residues
  • G6 Perfect Glass is a pure cleaner, without fragrances or colourings, to ensure perfectly clean, smear-free results every time